Sunday, August 10, 2008

"My healthy"??

I was smile, but inside my heart.... You don know what am i thinking!!

My nose, became more worse... like now, is very very pain.. i keep sneezes til my rhinal is pain and my eye started to get swollen... and pain til i cannot fall to sleep...
I started to worry about my healthy, I'm only 23 yrs but my body is very very weak even I look strong.. i got allot my sickness... nose allergic, medicine allergic, tummy bug, asma, blone pain, and my Hand problem( last time accident) !!!!! every time when i feel not well i have to take my allergic pills to control,last time i can stand and let it recover without medicine but now i cannot becoz i have to work... if every time MC soon my boss will goreng me sOtong....... I hate to take medicine becoz is not good for my liver! but what can i do???? last time i ever do body check up and the result is i allergic with a lot of food, I'm suck one of the food that i allergic with is ORANGE (my favourite fruit)!!!!!! can u guy believe??? i have been stop eaten it a year.. i really don know how to control not to eat, coz is a lot i cant remember it!! HOW?????????????????????????????????? mY NOSE IS REALLY REALLY PAIN... nowadays my eye always swollen and allergic, especially when i do chemical work..:(
my hand, day by day getting pain.... root rankle!! Mum ask me to see doctor, but i don know go look for which doctor?? I not Familiar with SG yet... and when got problem always my parent beside me, but now..... I"M ALONE! I"m wondering when my hand will clam and i have to stop my job... i'm worry!!! Coz i started to love and enjoy my work....
Haizzzz.... really frustrated!!! worse !! is really worse.......... don know next is what problem come again!! fuXX...........................!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Huhh... Its been few month ago i din upload my blog. I was remember why i didn't upload for so .. Is becoz SOmeone had complained on me that i added his pic on my blog, at the time i was "STUCK!!" am i wrong to that?? Why is a blog for actually?? I din reply to that person at all but deleted all the pic... Cehhh!!! don talk about it anymore....

Anyway, now i was started to Work at SIngapore 2 weeks ago since i end my courses which is 1 month ago.. MY salon "EXPECT STUDIO" is on Orchard road.. (hey fren, there's a lot of shopping mall around my working place, kekekekek......) Sure u guys will "Ki SIa" when come here! everyday i pass by the shop my heart sure Itchy one lo.. but i keep control myself not to walk inside, if not HAbis laa...~~~ Even my colleague they also not let me go inside they know i will lose control ... hahhahaha!! Well i quite happy and enjoy working over here, all the colleague treat me very good IN THE MOMENT, just begin la..:) my senior they gave me alot of chance so i will learn hard and work hard here:) ANd learn to SAVE MONEY!! k...lo!! kkekke...

I realise that Life is hard, spend money is easy but earn is hard! Every people over here is just thinking of how to earn money.. and nowadays i keep thinking HOw to be rich for make my life more enjoy and easier... I walk to bus station and to MRT everyday, sometime after work i choose to walk back... hard for u guys to believe right!! even i always complain i was very tired, but actually i enjoying the life too.. when alone i think a lot of things. Now i always think how can i earn more and more money when i was young??? AT THE MOMENT I HAVEN GOT ANsWER LO!!! hehehe... but what i wan to say is, DON WASTE YOUR TIME WHEN U YOUNG, THE MORE YOU LEARN, THE MORE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU DON KNOW. i hope u guys will understand what am i trying to say..

I miss you guys a lot, ofcoz i miss my parent too. I don know when can i back to Miri. I think should be next year lo :(... Hope u guy wont forget me ya.. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My courses is Going to Finish Soon... I'm going to miss them a lot..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

why I so moody?

Don know how came this few days i was so Moody.... Feel so sad in this few days!! ( Becoz period Soon!!!) But in my mind only keep thinking of him and my life at here...

From his blog, i know that he no more cancer cells and his blood is become normal... Is great to here that :) i miss him a lot...... i just read his blog just now, he done a video clip with alot of photo... how i wish he will add mine pic with him... but he din!! i feel so up set.... i always expect much from him but at the end just made myself unhappy... How i wish i can sharing with him my life here... Haizzzz!!! sien............... Am i really so stupid coz keep thinking of hm?? Patrick teach me how to forget about him, he ask me gO look for new Guy!!! K...lorr, Pat!!! U though buy vegetable hio??? As long as he's healthy and Happy......

Next month Going to move to another place, its more far from my school.... its take 20++minit to Mrt station, after that take 24minit to My school.... Omg!!! My mind now start thinking what time i have to wake up next time!!!!! 7am??? huh!!!!! I was so headache with it!!

WHy i wan to be so xin ku at here??? but like this mean xin ku ma?? i think a lot of ppl is more xin ku and pity than me, i'm very xin fu already becoz my parent support me alot here!! ofcoz u guys also la .... i really have to challenges myself, even now i really feel hate to face it. if really cannot stand than gO back miri lo.. Hahhaha!!! So Bo iong hor me!!! u guys come and try la..... next time don say i'm QIan Jin Siao Jie, ok!!!!!!


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy Labour day!!! I'm not a worker but i have holiday i'm happy lo...hahaha!!! BUt I'm sick not so serious la.... flu, cough and fever last night... :( Today no class but i was stay at home the whole day, so so so lazy gO out!! i wake up at 10am, but back to sleep again... wake up on 1pm than cook lunch for my housemate them.....

it's look like i just waken up horr.... hahahah!!!

after lunch do nothings.. lay on the bed talk with wawa til fall asleep. BUt my stupid(Raymond) housemate knock my door, ask me to help him read chinese! STUPID!! don chinese don open chinese website la... after that he ask me to test whether he get fever or not. Maku...... so garli him la... i say myself also sick cant test for u!! than i close door.... so angry to see him!!! thani continue sleep again.....

I was wake up on 5pm, that stupid man Fan me again!! He wan to borrow Malaysia ringgit from me, than i say i Only Got Rm30 he say: harrrrrr... Rm30 NIA, ok la.. i borrow Rm10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !@@#$@@@^&*(... when he talking with me he using a tower to cover his front, but when he turn back.... Chau CiPEt la him!!!! i can see his Burit without anythings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EIiiiiiiii......... i really very very tulan him u know... NO MANNERS!!! now i always close my door when he's at home.... HAIIII............................... still alot of his cibai kuan i no sharing nia... sure u guy wan Tampar him.. But never mind la, i'm GOing to move out this end of month..................................

Happy Birthday To WAwa.... 29.04.08

Guys, Guess how much the dessert!!
Din give her a birthday party and birthday cake, buy i did bought her a present and bring her went to dinner at Felix's working place... We enjoy the meal so much!!

27.04.08 Sunday

I went back to Malaysia that day... hahaha!!! actually i went to Johor with my housemate, together 5 person... we went to a shopping mall i forget what name liao.. my housemate told me that we jus shop around the shopping more don Go out side coz is dangerous!! JOhor many Pai kia ba!!! I shop alot and eat alot la.... I went to mY favourite shop to eat Kim Gary!! Yumm Yumm.....

After a while, you just can't cry anymore.
You just have to believe that what happens
is what's supposed to happen, and, well, you
can't change that, even if you tried. So just
dry the tears, and hope that tomorrow will
be a better day.
Everything happens for a reason. Nothing
happens by chance or by means of good
luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of
true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur
to test the limits of your soul. Without these
small tests...whatever they may
would be more like a smoothly paved,
straight, flat road to nowhere. It would
be safe and comfortable but dull and
I think there's something more
Life's worth living for.
Who knows what could happen.
Do what you do, just keep on laughing.
One thing's true, there's always a brand new
I'm gonna live today like it's my last day